Looking Back a bit

For many years you know I was a traveling salesman for the Protectoseal Company out of Bensenville, Ill. There we sold fire and safety equipment for handling flammable liquids and solvents to industry. This was a great company to work for, as they tried to do everything “First Class”.

In those days there were plenty of manufacturers to call on, and my territory covered two Provence’s of Canada, All of New England, Upstate NY and a corner of Pennsylvania. Needless to say I was on the road all the time. That lead do my having to leave the company for family reasons.

Due to the nature of our product, I got to see how things were done. I called on tire manufacturers, Drug manufacturers, electronics manufacturers of all kinds large and small, Tire manufacturers, paint manufacturers, Oil refineries and GM manufacturing plants, a few Ford and Chrysler plants. Along with their suppliers. Since I had a Top Secret clearance when I was in the Navy, they trusted me and took me through and asked me what they needed.

I learned why tires need balancing when new. Mostly due to methods and lack of care, I learned that tires for Cadillac were x-rayed at the plant, and if they were not perfect were rejected, and sold to the consumer market.

I learned that the paint for Cadillac had the highest pigment, and was frozen then milled to the consistency of face powder before making the paint. For that reason it cost three times the paint for other cars.

I learned that making Premium unleaded gasoline cuts a third of the volume of Oil company productions, as they “crack” out the impurities.

I went to a 3M school in Minnesota to learn about masks of all sorts and descriptions. How they work and why. I called on Filter companies and saw the reasoning behind oil and air filters.

I learned the secret to the 100mpg carburetor for cars. Yes it is possible, it is not a myth.

I called on Stamping plants that made Fenders for cars, and learned why they rust.

All that knowledge stuffed into my brain, lead me here to sell Cadillac Automobile. There is a difference.

I will try to share some of that knowledge as we move forward.


Published by Steve

It seems that this is what I was destined for. I have been selling Cadillac's since 1989. My father was a Mechanic and made sure we always had some part to tinker with. I learned to draw, which taught me more about how things work. Inquisitive minds just want to know.

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