The Cadillac Crest

Call me at : (315) 422-2231 or me email at: cadillacbysteve@salesperson.net

I grew up in Wyoming and still wear cowboy hats. I started in sales as a profession in 1973, after the Navy when the sales manager of a company approached me and said he would like me to come and work for him. Now, In this day of wearing Masks, How about this one? After my childhood hero, The Lone Ranger.

Like the LR a salesman is an Independent operator who is supported by many others, while always striving to do the right thing, right the wrong. Only now it may be your car that has failed you, and need something different. We are working together for you. Stop in, Introduce yourself – I will listen to what you have to say, and do my best to help you.

I have been at Crest Cadillac since 1989. God Willing be there another 30 years.

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