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Finally on its Way. The new Escalade/ESV

This car was supposed to be here in 2018. There is however, a lot of Government required hoops to jump through before they will let anyone build anything these days. It is almost like a government designed bird. After all the regulations it would be so heavy it could not fly.

The Highlights are:

Wheelbase went from 116″ to 120.9″ for an unbelievably smooth ride. Even longer to 134.1″ for ESV.

2 unique models Luxury and Sport

The Sport model has blacked-out trim.

Standard Wheels are going to be 22″

Dual Exhaust is going to be standard

The new Escalade / ESV will be the first Cadillac with a Cured OLED screen 38″ long and integrated into the instrument panel.

There is a new Optional AKG Studio sound with either 19 or 36 speakers. I haven’t heard it yet, I wonder how Beethoven will sound through it. We shall see.

There is a New Navigation system. The map coverage is the entire US Puerto Rico and Canada. So Post Covid, you can go fishing in Canada again.

Pairing phones is supposed to be much easier.

After many years we now are going to have a Panoramic Sunroof

There is an available “Soft Close” door feature. That is technology that has been around for over 10 years, so the bugs should be worked out of it by now.

Super Cruise is going to be available. Super Cruise is not legal in NY. It has some good features, and is improving all the time.

As for Safety, Front Pedestrian Braking is going to be there, This is one of those things that works Fantastic as the videos are frightening, in testing it works, but I would hesitate to drive around looking for people to try it on.

Night Vision will be here also as an option. Of all things, I believe in this one the most.

Cadillac says, Apple Car Play Alexa is in there somewhere.

Horizontal LED headlights for better light on the road.

Light Blade Taillamps continue with the Cadillac Vertical tail light theme.

Hands-free power tailgate is a nice features, and has a great idea of showing a light on the ground with the Cadillac Crest showing you where to insert your foot for opening or closing.

Ambient interior lighting now has selectable colors.

The big news is that they are going to Independent Rear suspension, instead of the more traditional “Live Axel” arrangement. The old system was superior for hauling heavy loads, and this is not what an Escalade is used for. This is a people hauler, and tows an occasional trailer or boat. There is also a new Air Ride Adaptive Suspension with vehicle height, for cruising on or off the road.

Mechanical Limited Slip rear Differential is standard. When electronics fail, it is always good to have a mechanical back up.

There is a new Trailering Technology, this can be important if you are towing your camper instead of planning to stay in a Motel…

The Escalade is powered by its outstanding 6.2L V8 420 hp, mated to a 10 speed automatic. There is also a 3.0L Duramax Turbo Diesel Engine.

Since its introduction in 2019 the XT4 has been very popular. The size is right, more easily maneuvered in traffic, yet still large enough to travel in.

New colors for 2021 are the popular Infrared Metallic Tintcoat, and the new Wave Blue Metallic. while the Silver Dusk and Red Horizon have been deleted for XT4.

Further upgrades are Driver and Passenger Ventilated Seats are part of the Comfort and Convenience package. 8 way power seat adjuster with 4 way lumbar and message for the driver.

Again when you opt for the Navigation system, you get the BOSE Centerpoint Surround sound with 13 speakers. There is a Technology package available now that gives Heads-up display, a reconfigurable driver information display, power steering wheel for rake and telescope, Air ionizer (for Dead Skunk and Covid odors), Front cornering lamps are standard on Sport.

Why is the World going Electric?

With ever increasing frequency, I am seeing promotion of Electric cars. Why is that? The electric car has been around since the early days of the automobile. Standard Oil pretty much put them out of business and the oil companies have done their best to keep it that way.

From what I have read over the years, there is so much oil in the United States that almost anywhere you drill, you get Oil or Gas. So what is the problem? The increase in Fracking is only there to steal oil from some one else, and pay very little for it.

All these problems began back in the late 70’s when President Carter made all sorts of decisions that would cost us for years to come. The “Oil Embargo” of the early 1970’s was all a scheme to prop up oil company profits, and swell Congress desire for more money.

The Polaroid Corporation out of Boston (used to be a client of mine) had developed an electric car and the most unique battery system that would have buried the Oil business, and so was never adopted.

In the late 70’s the Federal government did a research project on Electric cars, and issued contracts for the Multi Million dollar project. I read about it in the Federal Register, and saw that I had 3 customers that were on the list for receiving funds for this research.

Naturally, I had to go visit them and was permitted to read the requirements and you will never guess what they did. “No new technology” would be permitted. So what did the government get? 20 or so cars at $1,000,000 each in of all sorts of configurations, all with “Fork Lift Truck” motors and conventional batteries. The conclusion was that the Electric car was not feasible. With the government pouring lots of money into Tesla, it became a reality.

Cadillac has the Lyriq coming in two years. This will be a total electric, not a Hybrid. The world market is moving this way. The down side to Electric vehicles is the Battery life and power. Everything is great when new. The batteries here are under the passenger compartment, and incorporates a technology developed by GM and the Argon National Labs several years ago. Saving weight, and increasing battery life. Actually developed for Deep Space exploration. Fuel stations are limited, and there are No charging Stations on Saturn you know.

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